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Bob's best bet for wind - Tues Aug 19/11 2100 MST

Well ... that was a nice little summer lull ... mostly 12m conditions with a surprise couple of days of mid sized kite stuff. Fall is kinda in the air ... its getting cool at night ... dustoff your small kite stuff ... its gonna get windy soon!

Its looking to set up for a 3 day blow ... Sunday to Tuesday ... getting windier as it progresses. Sunday afternoon looks great st Keho ... sunny, 30C and wind in the 30SW range ... with a little puff late in the evening. The Oldman will see some 30 - 50SW. Monday looks a little better ... sunny, 30C and wind in the 30 - 40SW range at Keho ... 40 -50SW at the Oldman. Tuesday is the bomb! Sunny again, 25C and wind in the 30 - 50SW range at Keho ... 40 - 60SW at the Oldman! Get it!

It goes a little flat for a few days after that!

Kite beach at Keho is getting pretty busy on the weekends ... so lets try to get organised a bit! Here's some ideas! Don't park your car on the pad or even close to the pad. When launching and landing, don't piss around standing on the pad with your kite in the air ... other people need to get in and out. And once your out ... don't buzz the pad ... other people need to get in and out ... give them some space ... its a big lake! And finally ... support Force 10 ... its only 20 bucks a year ... they make the launch possible.

The water is starting to get cooler on the prairies.... a a 3/2 is cozy. Sometimes in the fall ... the Oldman stays warmer than Keho. Don't count on a boat rescue ... be self sufficient and make smart decisions! Have fun!

When there is a westerly flow, it is always windy close to the mountains earlier in the day, at Pincher Creek / Oldman Dam ... the wind spreads out over the prairies later (You can actually do a bit of work and then catch an afternoon or evening session at Keho). The rule of thumb is if it blowing 30k at Claresholm, turn and go to Keho ... if the wind at Claresholm is very light, keep on going to the Oldman. Claresholm is actually in the wind shadow of the Porcupine hills, so do not expect strong Westerly winds there ... usually if its 30kW at Claresholm, it will be 60+ at Keho Lake!

Atmospheric and Oceanic conditions during the past month continued to reflect an established el Niño condition, as observed by the NOAA Climate Prediction Centers Seasonal Outlook. Both the Canadian and American long range models are predictingApril and May will be normal weather in southern Alberta, and that June, July and Aug. will be a little warmer and drier than normal conditions.

The Ranch is looking great, Kitebeach, the Graineries and Kehokipa are all in great shape ... its time to play. Remember ... be a good citizen and pack out your garbage. Try to leave these places better than you find them. We use these places by the grace of AB Environment ... its best if we don't give them any reasons to doubt there decisions.


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If riding out of the Ranch ... please do not drive your vehicle out on the point. It is a condition of the lease, that vehicles are not allowed past the camping area.

See you on the water!
aloha, bob


Before sailing always check Current Alberta Conditions!